Air quality from air conditioning systems

Improving the quality of indoor air by sanitising air conditioning systems and reducing airborne viruses.

The Challenges

Confined spaces are a breeding ground for bacteria and promote micro organism growth which can negatively impact the enjoyment and health of customers and employees. This effect is further extrapolated with additional nutrients or humidity.

  • How is the air quality at your work?
  • Do colds and flu spread throughout your workplaces?
  • Does the flu season lead to higher absenteeism?

Your workplace may be suffering from “Sick Building Syndrome”. Sick Building Syndrome is recognised by the World Health Organisation and includes a number of diseases that may be attributed to the state of the building. Infectious diseases are readily transmitted in indoor air. Examples include flu, rashes, coughing, mental fatigue or even Legionnaire's Disease.


 The Solution & Benefits

Termifresh System reduces the levels of bacteria, mould and fungi in air conditioning ducting and therefore creates cleaner indoor air.

  • The unique technology sanitises air conditioning ducts with Australian tea tree oil
  • The droplets are small and propelled into inaccessible ductwork
  • Decreasing the amount of mould and mildew, translates into lower cleaning and maintenance costs
  • The system has the backing of BOC and their Bactigas technology
  • Cleaner air benefits the health and well being of employees & visitors
  • Reducing micro-organisms in turn lessens the spread of viruses which can impact on employee illness and absenteeism

There are independent Australian studies by the University of Western Australia and the University of NSW that support our claims. Click here to read more.

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