Air conditioning treatments

Bacteria can breed in the hidden, confined spaces of air conditioning ducting, spreading micro-organisms and odours throughout commercial premises and homes.

Termifresh uses a natural antiseptic blend of Australian Tea Tree Oil and liquid carbon dioxide which is delivered directly into the air conditioning duct. This measured dose of droplets sanitises the ducting and the air dispersed from the system.

The droplets remain suspended in the air and travel out of the ducts into room spaces. Here they can inactivate airborne microbes or settle onto surfaces providing a long-lasting barrier. Most systems release a pre-set measured dose at a fixed time throughout the day whilst the air conditioning system is operating. The Tea Tree Oil fragrance is released into the air with each dose.

Our system reduces the risk of harmful bacteria spreading through the air conditioning system by killing the mould and fungi those bacteria feed upon for survival.

Termifresh can design and install affordable systems to suit the specific needs of individual workplaces.  


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