Frequently Asked Questions

Termifresh is a part of the Termi Home & Commercial network. We have a long history providing innovative services for homes and businesses. Our team are very experienced and have a background in thermal and ULV fogging within the biosecurity and pest control sectors.

We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

How does the fogging work?

The process involves using equipment to disperse the disinfectant into a micro mist. It can then filter into every part of the room, while neutralising any airborne bacteria or viruses. 

Do I need to leave my home?

Yes, all areas being treated will need to be vacated, during the treatment. However the process is very quick any should be complete in less than an hour for an average sized 200m2 home or office.

Can I enter the building as soon as the treatment is complete?

Not immediately. Once the fogging application has been finished the area must be kept closed for at least 60 minutes to ensure the mist particles have fallen onto all surfaces and dissipated.

Do I need to cover things before the treatment?

To achieve the best results, we do recommend that where possible all loose paper work etc, is removed from desks and tables prior to treatment. All cutlery, glasses, mugs etc need to be removed from individual offices / rooms and stored in the appropriate kitchen cupboards.

What about electrical items?

No, it is not necessary to cover electrical goods such as computers, keyboards, fridges and the like. This is a fogging task only - we do not wet surfaces with fogged disinfectant. As a precaution we advise all Airconditioning / recirculation systems to be turned off during the treatment. On re-entry air conditioning systems can be restarted.

Should I open my windows before the fogging?

All external windows need to be closed. They can be reopened when you re-enter the building.

Do I need to wipe everything down after the fogging is finished?

There is no need to wipe down surfaces after a fogging treatment. *For Food Preparation Surfaces refer Product FAQ download on the Disinfectant Fogging page.

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