Termi Home & Commercial (Great Southern)


Termi Home & Commercial (Great Southern) introduces air quality systems.

Termifresh air quality control systems provide a clean and sanitised environment for commercial premises. Termifresh systems deliver the proven qualities of tea tree oil to air conditioning systems which results in a cleaner more sanitised indoor air quality. This proven system which helps provides a cleaner work environment wherever air conditioning is installed. In addition we provide outdoor de-odour systems for waste collection areas and other situations where a cleaner external air environment is required.

Our national network Commercial Pest Managers has solid experience in the design and installation of gassing systems for commercial premises such as food storage areas. They are licensed to install systems such as envirosol and pestigas and have applied this expertise to our Termifresh systems.

Termi Home & Commercial (Great Southern) will in 2013 promote our new air quality services "Termifresh" to the Great Southern region.

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