Clean Air Conditioning Systems

For over 20 years the Termimesh Group has provided high quality termite and pest control services for commercial and residential premises.

We have now applied our quality systems to an expanded range of products through our Termi Home & Commercial centres. These centres are now accredited to supply and install Termifresh air quality systems.

Termifresh offers a range of air quality products designed to revitalise your home and work environments by destroying airborne contaminants and smells which have the potential to impact the health and enjoyment of your employees and your customers.

The Termifresh system is environmentally friendly and uses the Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic to sanitise air conditioning systems. Tea Tree oil is widely recognised for its ability to kill microbes such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Therefore providing a non-hazardous and non-irritating solution.

Termifresh is supplied by the Termi Home & Commercial Network.

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